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Restoration of a ca. 1899 US Navy Recruitment Poster (Printed by the Metropolitan Printing Company, N.Y.) Click to see a pictorial of our Conservation process

NEW! Pfix Archival Glue

At POSTERFIX, Chris Cloutier and his staff offer Poster Restoration, Archival Linen Backing and Conservation of Vintage Posters. Today's appeal of antique posters is not only as art but also for investment. For a vintage poster to be enjoyable, presentable and have increasing investment value, it is important to keep the poster's paper healthy and secure the poster's longevity. One way to do this is to neutralize the acid molecules which are in poster paper. Most glue and tape resins are malignant to paper as well, as is foxing and mold. We can offer you Museum Standards in Conservation with 20 years experience. We are still located in New York City. Mr. Cloutier has apprenticed with Russian Art Restorer Tatinana Elisseyeff, and with Lawrence Toth, the American Master of Poster Restoration.

Restoring an original Coca-Cola Poster from 1936 (The Real Thing)

It's the real thing, this is an original poster from 1936 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Coca-cola, America's favorite soft drink. Watch us remove the poster from board, clean, acid neutralize and linen back it onto acid-free paper and canvas. Listen to phone questions regarding similar issues in poster restoration. Linen backing is an archival way to preserve old paper and posters. ...And things go better with Coke. Part one of two parts.

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Three Backing Options: Linen Backing is a process of stabilizing and reinforcing a poster by gluing it with wheat paste to acid free paper and light canvas. Paper backing is a variant of this process without using a canvas base. Tissue support is a minimal kind of backing used for posters printed on card (such as Lobby Cards). These methods allow a base for the replacement of paper, color retouching, flattening, and cleaning. All our materials are water soluble and PH neutral. We can offer various ranges of service depending on the poster's age, rarity and value. Linen Backing is the strongest of all these options and is the most appropriate for larger posters printed on normal light-weight poster paper.


Chris Cloutier is proud to have been restoring Art, Paper and Posters in New York City since 1987. A Brandywine Trained Artist in his own right, Mr. Cloutier was a student of Artist Charles J. Andres of Berwick Academy, Joe Kidd of the Arts Students League and Marshall Arisman of the School of Visual Arts. Mr. Cloutier  apprenticed for several years with Larry Toth, the Master of poster restoration in New York City  (now retired) as well as with Master oil painting restorers James Yost and Tatinana Elisseyeff of Russia.  Cloutier is now  the oldest Veteran of this field in New York.

QUESTIONS about Poster Collecting and Conserving? Those of you who have not had original posters Linen backed or restored should ask yourself these questions:

a) Is my Poster Worth Restoring? (sentimental value or market value)
b) Will the Restoration approach enhance or detract from its long-term value?
c) What are my OPTIONS and how much should I spend on Restoration?

Personal vs. Market Value

While you can invest time studying Auction catalogs and prices realized lists to find market value, it is importent that a collector have a personal feeling about the art he or she collects. Sentimental value can far outweigh anything else. Building a good collection is often based on personal priorities and taste.

Mr. Cloutier can offer Consultations, Estimates and Advice regarding these issues. Our Services page tells you what we offer. Our Links page contains many good sources for poster research and collecting.



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