LE RIRE Original Lithograph back Cover 1889 Text Reads:
-A Nightmare A snapshot of the end of the word at the site of the exposition. Design by Melchers ---pseudonym for ? The choice to credit this piece to Melchers is a scathing piece of satire in itself.  Most likely the use of the name Melchers is the artist taking a stab at the well known painter Gari Melchers whose work was quite well received at the Paris Exposition in 1889 The prestige of the United States was at a high water mark in France.  Americans noted with pride that the United States garnered more medals than any other foreign nation at the 1889 exposition. American painters, who had scarcely received more than a passing mention at the previous expositions, did surprisingly well. John Singer Sargent and J. Gari Melchers won grand prizes for oil paintings though Parisian art critic Lucien Huard was quick to point out the reason for the success of these American artists: "In effect, the American section can be considered more or less an annex to our decennial expositions, inasmuch as the most worthy of their artists are habitués of our annual salons. Mr. Sargent and Mr. Melchers, who won medals of honor, are in reality half-Parisians."
Original Lithograph measures 9 x 12 inches and in A+ Condition, Linen Backed. Not a reprint, the original "Le Rire" page.


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