Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) Le Rire No 67 15th February, 1896 inside page, original Lithograph Le Rire - No 67 15th of February, 1896.
Inside magazine: Au Moulin-Rouge/Entrée De Cha-u-Kao  "Mounted on a mule and surrounded by guards Cha-U-Kao makes her festive entry into the great hall of the Moulin Rouge on the day of Mardi Gras, in February, 1896. In the gallery (behind her), a waiter is serving drinks. At the right of Cha-U-kao's head, Lautrec and Gabriel Tapie are shown admiring the scene, generally known by the name Redoute. This drawing was executed for the review Le Rire" (Dortu p.202) "The stars of the turn of the century, were the glory of the Moulin Rouge and figure in Lautrec's work (included 'la clownesse' Cha-U-Kao)... Chauhut-Chaos, the evocative name given the wild dances of the Moulin Rouge, was adopted in an oriental version by the performer Cha-U-Kao. She appeared at the Nouveau-Cirque and at the Moulin Rouge as clown, dancer, or even acrobat." (Dortu p.82, 83)
Original Lithograph measures 9 x 12 inches and in A+ Condition, Linen Backed. Not a reprint, the original "Le Rire" page.


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